Quite often many posters playfully suggest that I am sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand as I am so positive about living in Thailand, but, and isn’t this the crux of the matter, shouldn’t you only live where you are happy to do so?

The real culprits that baffle me are those that just moan and moan about everything and anyone connected with Thailand – Why do these individuals continue to live in a country they so clearly now detest?

I cannot help but think the problem starts and finishes with them, and by that I mean the mess they have gotten themselves into. Some are probably in a position where financially they can no longer relocate back to their domestic countries or through family reasons cannot leave Thailand either. I am sure something in between these parameters is where the moaners exist.

Put another way, as a sum total of things available to see and do, whilst at the same time enjoying year-round sunshine – where else better is there? And, if you do answer another country, why are you not living there?

You either take control of your destiny in life or you let life take control of you. Running parallel to these two conditions is how well you can enjoy your life – if you control your destiny it stands to reason you will be happier.

Ignorant Perceptions

I can think of no other location than Pattaya that gets such polarised views. For me, it has, for some years, emerged into one of the most complete tourist destinations I can think of. Yet many refuse to accept this and hold on to the dated stereotype of the region. In reality, they have failed to understand or see the complete offer Pattaya has and as a result, they are the only ones who lose out.

I have lived in Pattaya and Hua Hin and many would tell me Hua Hin is the best area to raise a family. I don’t agree and it is very much swings and roundabouts. Where Hua Hin has cleaner air, it also lacks in a number of things for kids to do. In Pattaya, I can send my kids to a complete range of sporting after school classes, whereas in Hua Hin it is seriously restricted.

There is a very good case to suggest Pattaya is a better city to raise a family than Hua Hin.

For some reason, many expats get very territorial and protective of where they live – and will do anything they can to discredit another area with ‘competing’ expats. It is just ridiculous – Every area has so much to enjoy and experience!

Personally, although I love living in Thailand and have done so for the decade or so I have resided here, I still look to the future and it’s quite reasonable I will take my family and adventure to a new country one day. Lifes is too short not too, in my humble opinion. But, for now, I would not rather be anywhere else.

Let’s just surround ourselves with positive people

People also make up the fabric of a region. If you mix and associate with those continually moaning, chances are you will start to think like them. Life is too short for toxic associations.

I have some very positive plans for Dan about Thailand over the next twelve months to help give us expats an even better time in Thailand – and I plan to do this without a commercial benefit. To be honest, I am quite excited about the possibility and in giving something back to fellow expats.

Life is one big perception and it is down to you whether that is positive or not.

As humans, and not just by commonalities of being expats, we should act as a team and in that spirit.

I love Thailand, which is why I live here. If others don’t share that view then it stands to reason to give them a wide berth.


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