As expats we share a common trait in that we all up sticks and left our domestic countries for a new life in Thailand. The only differences are in the regions of Thailand we chose and our motives.

It is these regional differences that lead to some divide – I see it when I move between region and region. It seems as humans we feel the need to take sides – and just look at the issues this has led to globally from nationality to religion when that happens! Personally I think it stinks.

Embrace the other regions nearby – don’t shun them!

I move between three clear regions in Thailand throughout each month, I call it a triangulation zone: Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin. All 3 regions within close proximity of each other. The reason I do this is for my work within my media, however the fringe benefits are huge as I get to enjoy the very different benefits each region offers. I cannot think of a more balanced and complete existence it gives me – as opposed to a more narrow one of just being able to stay and enjoy one region.

I was in an expat restaurant in Hua Hin the other week and in actual fact it was this site – ‘Dan about Thailand’ – that started the conversation as they had watched some of my vlogs. A very nice bunch of guys and I enjoyed very much the conversations with them. I mentioned Pattaya however and they visibly become a bit uncomfortable and turned the nose up at the area.

Exciting Pattaya

Having lived in Pattaya 12 years I see this a lot from my travels. It all comes down to a misunderstanding of just how diverse and exciting a town Pattaya actually is. I cannot think of another area in Thailand that has so much to see and do, really in my eyes it has parallels with Bangkok and, for the record, I am a huge fan of the capital too. I am not going to waste paragraphs in the blog going through the list but in a previous vlog I covered off quite a lot, and you can watch it here.

Beautiful Hua Hin

Since relocating to Hua Hin, and yes it is early days, I have loved the people I have met – both foreign and Thai. Everyone seems to get along with each other which is something not true of Pattaya. It has a nice pace about it. I have noticed though that it has not got anywhere near the list of attractions and amenities Pattaya has – I just cannot find a sauna and steam and when it comes to a good old fashioned pub Hua Hin has just the one ‘Father Teds’. But, and this is the point, is offers me something completely different from clean air, wonderful vegetation and beauty all around me to a more harmonious crowd. And, this is my other point, I can and will still dip my toe back into Pattaya when I fancy it. I cannot wait to get back to Jomtien Sauna, Cafe des Amis restaurant, Trattoria Toscana and Frasers sports bar for starters! I do not sneer any other region, I embrace and relish the variety at my disposal.

Let us not forget pretty much bang in the middle of Pattaya and Hua Hin you have the amazing Bangkok. Where do I begin with this place!? You have thousands of decent hotels all offering unbeatable nightly room rates – You can stay five star for the same price as the budget Travel lodge back in the UK. Its excellent for business opportunities and networking and has that cosmopolitan feel you would expect from a capital city. It’s a very cool place to be (and that is not reference to the temperature, as the place is very hot).

So I urge all expats to relish the opportunities all around us that are not just in the region we have decided to live. If you do, you will gain in life experience considerably. I often have to pinch myself at what an amazing life I have created for myself and much of this is down to the fact I travel so much within the country each month.

Next week I am back to Koh Chang and I cannot wait.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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