My venture into vlogging was primarily to see how it compared against the reach and effectiveness of traditional media. Since then it has become a bit of an addiction and not for reasons you would suspect.

I am not bothered about notoriety, far from it in fact, unfortunately it just comes within the industry I operate. I first appeared on television some ten years ago now when I worked with a regional media in Pattaya called Pattaya People. It is very normal for me now to have a camera put in my face.

I am addicted to the potential of Vlogging

I am addicted to vlogging as I see the potential. Vloggers build a friendly following of people who even interact directly with vloggers and get direct feedback. Vloggers allow people to follow subject of interest, it can be very niche. Let’s face it Dan about Thailand is all about expat life for a family guy who also happens to work here.

What is so compelling for me, as a vlogger, is understanding where I can take it. When I started to vlog I chose Facebook as my key platform – and not You Tube – as I felt the Facebook channel would grow and that I had a better chance of winning here. You Tube is awash with vloggers and I felt I could not compete. Interestingly the user on both platforms are different and don’t agree on which of my vlogs are the best. I find You Tube tends to be the older viewer and my views are far, far higher on Facebook too.

I now want to embark on being more pioneering in this category. This started by turning Dan about Thailand into a vlogger aggregator site, and I am happy to say 14 other vloggers in Thailand now all share content through my website.

Live online broadcasts can be huge – if done correctly

My next area I want to focus on is live online video. I know, I know it is nothing new but I don’t mean like the traditional way vloggers are doing this – you know the way, sitting in a chair talking into the camera on their computer. It is already tired and I don’t like it.

I think new generation vloggers should be aiming at TV show style live broadcasts, complete with show credits, interviews, special features within the same show and even a commercial break. It can be super fun and raise the bar. Ultimately it will be judged by the consumer, but I am convinced this is where it should go.

To me live is exciting, raw and gritty. I am very excited by it now that I get it.

So much so that I could not sleep last night as I work out how it to do it and I have now figured the way and worked it out. The reality is to do it right I need a team, but to start I ll drag my wife into helping me (the things she does for love).

My closing summary then is please do keep your eyes peeled for one of my testing live broadcasts – and do tell me if its hit or miss as I would love to know.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and messaged me to date, I hope you are enjoying the adventure (as trust me it is hard work fitting this all in around my other jobs!). I think live online broadcasts for vloggers has the potential to overhaul the media industry, but only if it is done right.


Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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