It’s been a couple of weeks since I last made a blog update and I apologise for my disappearing act. You see, I have been working unbelievably hard. There is so much opportunity and/or business pivots that are currently needed in this new business world we find ourselves in. It is a time to roll out all the business analogies as you really will either sink or swim – but all we must do is swim a little faster than we did before and be a bit smarter in the process.

No getting away from the fact though, I am exhausted. But I am determined not to target mere survival but achieve positive steps forward. The markets we operate in have always been fluid, they are just moving a bit quicker and need greater adaptation and urgency now applied.

It is an interesting moment of time in Thailand regarding Covid-19, as it has felt like the country has been on top of this virus for many weeks now. In fact I think Thailand always had control of this virus. I wear my mask when I am out and about but I just feel like the virus does not exist anymore in this country. When the international borders open, which is suggested in September, this is a moment to take a deep breath and see what happens; but it appears everything will be OK. Well, that’s my take on the situation at least.

As an Expat I feel very fortunate to live in Thailand and not back in my domestic country, speaking with my brothers back in the UK it sounded horrid. I was locked down on Koh Chang, through choice, and it turned out to be one of my happiest memories in recent times.

For all the doom and gloom in this world, especially when it comes to travel, for us expats at least there is a splendid opportunity. Living in Thailand we have paradise on our doorsteps and due to the absence of international travelers it is also very quiet. There are no crowds, there are empty beaches and to travel with these conditions are very nice.

Of course for those working in the travel industry it is terrible, in fact it is tragic. No tourists means loss of jobs and hard working people are losing their livelihood.

The travel industry in Thailand is fighting hard to attract domestic travelers both Thai and Expats, which means there are some amazing travel deals out there. I was at the Ramada Plaza Menam hotel in Bangkok over the weekend, it’s just along from the Asiateque. They offer full club access privileges with buffet and free flow of wine and beer in the evening for pretty much the price you would expect to pay just for a room. You can also use their 24 hour check-in terms, so if you check in at 7pm you can check out at 7pm the next day. The promotion is listed on Expat Explore, but you can also ring them direct and ask for the promotion details: 02 688 1000.  It is just one of many, many offers we can currently enjoy.

Thaivisa Expat Expore – Travel and Save in Thailand

Through Thaivisa – and including Dan about Thailand too – I teamed up with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to connect the domestic travel industry with us expats. Any business could be included in this Thaivisa Expat Explore section with one condition – you must provide a special offer for us Expats. I looked earlier today and there are almost 80 different promotions for us to enjoy.

It means we can all support each other and all benefit. This is a great time for us expats to enjoy traveling in Thailand for less and with less crowds to navigate around. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it really is.

Thaivisa Expat Explore – Written by Expats, For Expats

Take a look and see what you may enjoy to do, there is even an individual review of the main areas in Thailand to visit – written by expats, for expats:

Visit Expat Explore – Travel and Save in Thailand:




Let Dan know where you need help and he will send you recommendations and help you get set up

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