No question, many retired expats have left Thailand or are seriously considering it. Places like Philippines, Vietnam and even Panama all being assessed as potential next moves, but is the grass always greener?

For the most of us, I would guess our experiences of living in Thailand has been more than we could have hoped for. We often get complacent and forget what it was like before we got here and take for the granted some of the benefits of living in Thailand. So when the going gets tough, it should not always be a case of the tough get going.

It may well have got more expensive, but only in certain areas. Grabbing a tasty pad krao pao from my local Thai restaurant for 50 baht hardly seems expensive when I compare it to a drab £5 (188 baht) sandwich from a UK petrol station. It all depends on where you spend your money, but on the whole there is still value when you look for it. Yes, places like Vietnam may be much cheaper but the region also comes with its cons too – pollution for starters. 

For the Brits, if and when Brexit is resolved then exchange rates could improve and it’s also quite reasonable to think the Bahts strength may ease off soon. Yes, I know, all ifs and buts however certainly worth thinking about before you make a move you could come to regret.

I never tire of walking along the beach and taking a dip in the warm sea, I also never tire of never having to wear a coat and enjoy the almost year round sunshine.

Just the other week I took a short break to Samui with my family and our hotel, which was clean and decent, cost only 650 baht a night (£17 / US$21) – You don’t have to stay in a 4,000 baht room. I also hired a car for 700 baht a day too – and putting petrol in it was next to nothing in cost.

Over the years I have grown very fond of the Thai people and culture. In fact I would go as far to say that I have even learned from their more relaxed and jovial approach to life. The average Thai person is very decent and caring.

Could it be a case of better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?

Now, I am always one for considering new chapters in ones life but my article today is for those that are less inclined to move and are feeling forced to relocate. My message is don’t be so hasty and remember the things you love about Thailand before you take the plunge.

If you really have your heart set on a move than do it, but don’t feel obliged or forced too, as I just get the feeling there are still many, many reasons still to stay living in Thailand. And, it could all work out even better. 


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