Before I begin, for those that want transparency, Thailand Elite Residence Visa Programs are sponsors of Dan about Thailand. But, for the record, I see a lot of benefits in choosing this visa given the current climate and also the benefits that come with it – which is why I agreed to the association.

At we are now getting frequent messages from people arriving at Thailand immigration at the airport and even being warned about their entitlement to stay or even deported. This is no scare tactics, it is fact. You must have the right visa when staying in Thailand.

With a tourist visa – which you get on arrival – you are only allowed so many visits per year and some discretion looks to be given by the immigration officer. They will also look at your travel history to determine if you are abusing the tourist visa to enter the Kingdom. One case just this week, an English man – who owned a 10-million baht condo in Thailand and was sending his two kids to a Thai school at a cost of  1-million baht a year, was deported on arrival as he had tried entering Thailand for the 6th time in the last 12-months on a tourist visa. He worked offshore. However, there was some outcry about this on social media, but the fact was you cannot keep coming and going from Thailand on a tourist visa. He needs to get the right visa, which could be a marriage extension of stay visa or if kids are Thai then he can get an extension of stay based on being a parent to a Thai child (which he needs to show 40k baht a month coming into a Thai account or 400k baht in a Thai bank).

Immigration is also cracking down – quite rightly – on those who abuse the education visa too and it is very possible you can be refused entry to the country if they deem a violation to be happening.

Retirement visas and extensions of stay are also a hot topic at the moment, most notably in respects to health insurance and/or money in the bank or being paid into your Thai bank account each month.

The long and short of it all is the fact that you must get the correct visa and you must also adhere to the rules associated with it. With uncertainty over how these rules may change it means many expats are not sure what the future holds for them.

Thailand Elite Residence could solve these issues

Not only does this visa give you long term peace of mind but it also comes with a stack of benefits – You can read more on these benefits by clicking here.

The Thailand Elite Residence Program offers seven residence options that start from a five-year privilege entry visa for TBH 500,000 right up to a 20-year entry visa.

You can contact Thailand Elite directly via this contact form below for more information:




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