Hands up, I am distracted by making money and creating wealth but often I think more so by the thrill of the chase rather than just demanding I get there. I love living and working in Thailand and, personally, am motivated by goals.

But I believe the real priority to ‘feeling rich’ is in my health, inner contentment and love of myself and family. It’s obvious really, so why don’t we live and act like this?

Furthermore, I feel that those expats living in Thailand away from their fast-paced, demanding and stressful homelands are the true winners in life. Irrespective of what money is showing on their bank balance.

By surrounding ourselves with Thai people we can be reminded of a more ‘sanook‘ (playful) and ‘jai yen‘ (relaxed) approach to life. As Westerners, we often mock this as lazy and immature, but doesn’t this somewhat nasty and overly dominating culture that makes a mockery of how another society chooses to live a disgraceful trait to possess?

The longer I live in the Land of Smiles the more I feel the Thais have got it right.

I ask you, who really is ‘feeling rich’ in their life – the stressed, hard-working Westerner or the relaxed, happy Thai?

On a weekend when I spend a day on the beach with my family,  looking for crabs and swimming in the clean, warm sea with my kids, life does not get any better. I am truly blessed. Have a look at one of the beaches we spend time at, Khao Takiab – just wonderful, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

I am able to be motivated and determined in my work spent away from any traffic or hustle and bustle, I have chosen Hua Hin as my base for my family – and I must say I marvel in the benefits I get personally too. I don’t ever remember getting stuck in traffic on my way to work for one.

I read many entrepreneurs saying they enjoyed the chase far more than reaching their goals, often thinking ‘Is that it?’ when they reach their target. I agree, the goals are great but they must keep evolving to keep your stimulated, content and motivated.

But it does beg a far more important question that if, after all the dogged hard work and determination we put in to achieve our goal if we really do then think ‘Is that it?’ then it raises serious question marks over our overall priorities in life.

I don’t see the point in having millions of dollars if you have no one to enjoy it with or have ill health. For that reason, money has to come well down on your list of priority and if it isn’t maybe you have got it all wrong.

I remember reading a quote once that has always stuck with me, rather aptly by a Thai monk, it says:  “Man spends all his life climbing the ladder of life only to reach the top and realise he climbed the wrong ladder”. Maybe he was talking about us Westerners.

Living in Thailand with my beautiful family is all I need to feel rich.



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