It has taken me over a decade of living in Thailand but I have now made it my objective to start seeing the regions of Thailand off the beaten tourist paths. And if my trip to Nan was anything to go by, I am all set for treat after treat. Quite simply, it was stunning in a traditional, beautiful kind of way.

Nan is located in Northern Thailand along the border of Laos and you can fly there direct from Bangkok. The flight is little over an hour.

Nan covers 11,472 km²

The vast Doi Phu Kha National Park, in the northeast of the province, contains waterfalls, limestone mountains and rare plants. Nearby, the heavily forested Khun Nan National Park is home to wild boars, black bears, reptiles and birds.

What you get from Nan is another side of Thailand. It is peaceful, the people are happy and relaxed and you are surrounded by natural beauty where ever you go.

Expat or Tourist, You will love Nan

You cannot help but fall in love with the beauty in Nan province

I am not suggesting Nan could ever replace the usual tourist locations like Samui, Bangkok and the likes, but it can certainly compliment. I would certainly recommend you put aside a couple of days from your vacation to visit this province.

Whilst for an Expat it is a chance to experience another side of Thailand and ensure you get the most out of your experience of living in this diverse, interesting country.


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