Pattaya gets knocked almost on a daily basis. It is where I live but I give the region plenty of stick from time to time too. Pattaya really does offer so much as a region that just about any other city in the world would find hard to compete with, but it also attracts a lot of bad people – both Thai and foreigners too. It is this combination that leaves many people confused as to whether or not they can like the place. Some days I love Pattaya, yet other days I cannot wait to relocate.

The region is going through a massive transformation – truth is it has been happening for many years now – however it is only now it has started to escalate and people are feeling the change. Personally I see it as a downward spiral for the Westerner here – especially if you do business here. It is getting too tough to make a living on dwindling tourist and expat numbers. Whilst I see other nearby areas like Bangkok and Hua Hin as growth hubs still for Westerners.

Anyway, it is not doom and gloom for Pattaya – Pattaya will only but get stronger and a more important region for the country to make money from tourism. The region is also cleaning up its seedy image.

Just take the water parks in Pattaya, you have two world class water parks that are super fun – Ramayana Water park and Cartoon Network. I have been to both many times and my family and I always have a great times. I have vlogged in both parks and here is my accounts of both.

Pattaya is changing and changing fast. Those stuck in the past will moan about the changes, but for me they were long overdue in order for the area to move forward as an appealing tourist location. The fact that Pattaya has multiple water parks is a perfect illustration of just how far things have come since the day of a beer bar filled with bar girls.


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